Monday, February 8, 2010

02/13/2010 @ 2 p.m.: The Amazing Life of Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges

Friday Musicale of Jacksonville Florida presents
A Concert for the Whole Family!

Violinist Tyrone Tidwell narrates the life of Le Chevalier de Saint-Georges interspersed with several works by the 18th century composer, closing with the Symphony Concertante in E-flat for two violins and orchestra.

A free picture book about Le CHEVALIER de SAINT-GEORGES will be given to the children in the audience for this special program!

Other featured musicians include:
Timothy Edwards, violin
Max Huls, violin
Swantje Biernacki, violin
Angelo Goderre, viola
Larry Rawdon, cello
Jamar Woods, keyboard
Gabrielle Williams, soprano

The narration was prepared by JU Professor Emeritus of Humanities, Dr. Sharon Scholl.


Violinist Tyrone Tidwell
as Joseph Bologne

The Chevalier is the first known figure of African-American descent in the Western classical music tradition. Born Joseph Bologne on the island of Guadeloupe in 1745 of an African slave mother and a French plantation owner, he was knighted Chevalier de Saint-Georges by King Louis XV for his prowess both as France's foremost swordsman and foremost violinist/composer. He was the leading violinist and composer in late 18th century Paris and wrote numerous symphonies, concertos, quartets and operas.

In addition he was the music director and conductor of the Orchestre des Amateurs de Musique whose fashionable concerts took place before an audience of 2000 in the palace of the Duc de Soubise and for which he commissioned and premiered the six Haydn 'Paris' Symphonies. During the French Revolution, which freed the slaves throughout the French Empire, he organized and led an army against the Royalists and won all of his battles. He is also thought to have aided the anti-slavery movements in England and Haiti. He died in 1799. His name continues to be legend in fencing circles.

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